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Lid for 32 GAL Wheeled bin IPL Mastercart 60211


Model No. :63547KIT
  • For 32 gallons wheeled bin IPL Mastercart 60211
  • Want to make sure you are ordering the right part - Look under your old lid ; you should see number 63547
  • Or, if you do not have your old lid anymore - Look under your bin ; you should see number 60211
  • Should neither of these numbers appear on your wheeled bin would mean that you have not selected the right part
Video - How to change this lid

Replacement parts »

Configuration and available colors

Model No. : 63547BLEU-KIT

Model No. : 63547VERT-KIT

Model No. : 63547CHARCOAL-KIT

Model No. : 63547BRUN-KIT


  • Country : Canada
  • Width : 46
  • Inches : 18
  • Length : 51
  • Length (inches) : 20
  • Height (centimeters) : 10
  • Height (inches) : 4
  • Weight (kilograms) : 0.91
  • Weight (pounds) : 2

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