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A damaged wheeled bin? Find the spare part you need!

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Recycle old wheeled bins! An environmental solution that avoids landfilling

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IPL wheeled bins, The only wheeled bins manufactured in Canada - designed for our specific climate and equipment

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Collect, recycle, recover - USD Global simplifies the task!

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Residential, industrial, commercial, or institutional
USD Global is the leader in waste collection solutions, from wheeled bins to composters and rain barrels.

Wheeled bin parts

Find, order, and quickly repair your wheeled bins

  • Wheels
  • Lids
  • Axles
  • Caps
  • Catch bar
  • Rods

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CONSULT OUR VIDEO LIBRARY! Want to know how to change a wheel on your wheeled bin? Struggling with a wheeled bin lid that doesn't close right? Looking for how to install a downspout...

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