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Integrated services for the implementation and repair of wheeled bins

From implementation to recycling of green, blue, or brown bins, including the maintenance and sale of wheeled bin parts, USD Global and its Loubac division share one and the same goal - to simplify the supply and maintenance of waste collection tools

RecyBac – Wheeled bin recycling service

Old, end-of-service-life wheeled bins can be recycled. However, they cannot be disposed of in the usual manner (sorting centre) because of their large size. USD Global asks that municipalities and organizations avoid sending their unwanted green, blue, or brown bins to landfills and give their components a second life. We will pick them up and may even offer compensation.

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Maintenance - Wheeled bin maintenance service

USD Global and its Loubac division offer cities, municipalities, entrepreneurs, businesses, and other institutions an integrated hassle-free maintenance service, ensuring that the bins are always in good condition. This fast and affordable service includes:

Maintenance et entretien 
  • storage of wheeled bins
  • service frequency tailored to your needscomputerized monitoring of work performed
  • inventory of wheeled bins and RFID computerized management
  • delivery of bins to new residences
  • replacement or recycling of damaged bins
  • change of bin format when necessary
  • collection and recycling of broken bins
  • washing and cleaning of bins
  • manufacturer warranty management 

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IMPLementation of wheeled bins - delivery and unloading

USD Global provides door-to-door delivery of wheeled bins all across Canada. It is a partner of the majority of waste management programs within major cities in the country and has already distributed several million wheeled bins.
Door-to-door delivery includes:

Implantation de bacs roulants
  • logistics with the manufacturer
  • unloading of bins
  • assembly and door-to-door delivery
  • management of serial numbers
  • RFID computerized tracking
  • inclusion of documents addressed to the citizens
  • communication plan support

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wheeled bin identification service

The identification and customization of wheeled bins represents an undeniable advantage for organizations. Set yourself apart by imprinting the name of your organization or your logo onto the bins. Two options are available:

  • Hot Stamping: Anything is possible with this method, which does not require a minimum amount to be printed. By choosing the hot stamping technology, which transfers color pigment by pressure and heat, you are guaranteed high-quality printing that is extremely durable and remarkably resistant.
  • Screen Printing: Ideal for small batches of wheeled bins, this lower-cost technique ensures printing that lasts up to 10 years.

Wheeled bin storage

Do you lack the space needed to store your wheeled bins or don't have the equipment or resources necessary to handle them? We provide a storage service that includes delivery as needed to your organization or directly to your customer or citizen.

USD Global, your expert in the sale, implementation, and maintenance of wheeled bins and other waste management products.

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